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Surveying the area in her Sheik disguise, Zelda observed the Fairy Fountain she was about to enter. Having hidden well for many years while she waited for the hero of time to return, she was starting to worry that Ganondorf was going to find her, having stepped up his attempts to locate her over the last few months. She had had many close calls recently, and they were only getting more frequent. While her disguise so far had served her well, it was starting to get a reputation as an enemy of Ganondorf which made her efforts to hide herself even harder. As a result, desperate times called for desperate measures. She couldn't allow herself to be caught, and thus she was going to seek help from one of the few truly safe refuges from Ganondorf's influence: the Great Fairies.

Having located none of Ganondorf's forces nearby, she crept from her hiding place and entered the fountain, feeling the barrier that kept evil away surround her, letting her breathe easily in the hidden passageway. She entered the glittering cave, slick stone tiles beneath her feet as moisture hung heavy in the air. There were thick yet gentle waterfalls tinted a soft pink surrounding the room that made it unclear if the walls beyond them were simply not illuminated, or if it stretched on for an unknown distance in total darkness. The lesser fairy fountains that she had sought refuge in before that served as a safe place for the small regular fairies lacked the grandeur and slightly surreal atmosphere of the fountain, having grand but normal walls and a simple pool of water rather than the decorated fountain of the Great Fairies. The exact level of power the Great Fairies had outside the fountains was unclear, but within their walls their power was absolute.

Zelda undid the disguise spell, breathing a sigh of comfort as her hair lengthened and hung freely, her tight and practical clothes replaced with the regal dress befitting a princess of Hyrule, golden earrings hanging from her long and pointy ears. She caught a brief reflection of her delicate face in the water, something she wasn't blessed with too often. The places she could undo her disguise were limited, as the magic she exuded in her natural form was easily detected by Ganondorf if not properly hidden. This fountain was one of the few places she could do this, and it was a good thing, as the request she was about to make was best made in her true form. She stepped up to the mark of the Triforce and began to gently sing the song of the Hyrule royal family, guaranteed to summon the Great Fairy immediately. No sooner had she finished than there was echoing laughter, the Great Fairy burst from the shallow fountain in a shower of flashy lights and sparkles, spinning as she continued laughing. She floated in mid-air and crossed her legs, assuming a reclined and comfortable position to address her.

Her body was naked other than her boots, her modesty covered by the trail of leaves running across her body and hair, the large trio of long pink ponytails that all the Great Fairies seemed to share floating lazily up and down behind her. The casual observer would have said that all of the Great Fairies looked the same, distinguishable only by hair colour, something that didn't help much in Hyrule where pink was the universal colour for Great Fairies, but Zelda had met all of the ones in the kingdom and noticed differences in the faces and bodies of each one. The Great Fairy had a carefree, almost ethereal smile as she waited for Zelda to speak. Zelda cleared her throat, and kept a tone of respect befitting of a being such as the one she was addressing.

"Great Fairy of magic, I come with a request that I hope you will grant."

"Well of course you do." The Great Fairy casually said in a pleasant tone. "The princess of Hyrule isn't one to come simply to say hello."

"I wish we were in a state where my visits could be simply for pleasure." Zelda admitted. The Great Fairies weren't much for formalities, and while she knew that they respected her position as princess, they would treat her much the same as any other being. Just being with them was relaxing, and she stiffened up again as she continued speaking.

"As you know, the forces of Ganondorf get stronger by the day, and the day of the hero's arrival is still far away. It is critical that I am able to assist the hero, but Ganondorf's forces are becoming harder and harder to evade."

"And so you come to me for help. No need to be so formal, dear, I'm quite aware of your struggles." The Great Fairy said. Zelda was determined to remain formal until she had finished speaking, though.

"I come to you to ask if I may remain in this fountain until the hero arrives." Zelda said, deciding to get directly to the point. "There's no safer place in all of Hyrule, if I'm to hide myself then I can go completely undetected here."

"A sensible idea." The Great Fairy said as she moved herself into a position of lying forward, still floating in front of Zelda. "One I'm sure you would only choose if you felt there was no other way to conceal yourself."

Zelda felt like she was being read like a book, and the unceasing smile of the Great Fairy didn't help. She grew hopeful. "So you'll help me?"

"Unfortunately, no non-magical being may stay for long in a Fairy Fountain. They may visit, but not stay. Not even you, princess." The Fairy said, Zelda's heart sinking as the pleasant tone didn't skip a beat. If anything, the smile widened as Zelda's expression fell. She spoke up once again after a few moments of silence.

"Now now, I didn't say that I wouldn't help you." 

"But you said..."

"Oh, my words are certainly the truth. But what if I said that there was a way to allow you to stay here for as long as you wish? Would you like that?" The Great Fairy said, her expression growing playful. Zelda's dropping hopes rose quickly, reflected in her voice.

"So it's possible?"

"Oh, of course. Do you promise now that you'll accept my gift to you?"

"Of course!" Zelda said without hesitation. The way the Great Fairy was speaking made her slightly uneasy, but they were benevolent beings. She wondered just how the Great Fairy planned to make this possible. Perhaps she'd grant her some sort of magical item, or make an exception with certain conditions? Either way, she couldn't afford not to accept.

"I do." Zelda firmly said.

"Then step into my fountain, my dear." The Fairy said, beckoning and floating away from Zelda. Zelda walked forward into the fountain, the cool water getting the hem of her dress wet as she approached the centre. Standing in the middle, she really realised how it wasn't much of a fountain at all. The deepest part barely made it halfway up her ankles.

"So, now what?" She asked as the Great Fairy's smile broadened. A pillar of light began to surround her, Zelda feeling extremely powerful magic around her, trying to figure out exactly what was about to happen. She realised that she was slowly being lifted off the ground, rising up to the now upright Great Fairy's height. Zelda took a deep breath and remained calm and waite to see what happened next. At least util suddenly her clothes disintegrated, and she squealed as she rushed to cover herself.

"W-w-what's going on? Why did you do that!?" Zelda squeaked out as she lost all composure, flushing bright red and flailing around as she tried to cover up her modest breasts with one arm. The Great Fairy simply laughed and circled Zelda, enjoying her girlish whimpered as she gently stroked her shoulder, apparently just to see how she reacted.

"There there, you said you would accept my gift, wouldn't you? Just relax and enjoy what comes next." She said, Zelda very much disagreeing with the idea of relaxing.

"And what exactly comes next?" Zelda demanded, getting no response as she corrected her position. She got no answer, and simply hung there for a minute. She kept readjusting her breast-covering arm, until she looked down and gave enough cry at the reason for why she was adjusting it. Her chest was inflating right before her eyes! Her breasts had been on the small end of a b-cup, but now they were blowing up steadily, her one arm unable to keep up with the flesh it was squeezing. She shifted one hand to try to cover each of the now c-cups separately, one hand going back and forth between her groin as she tried to decide on which one to cover, the Great Fairy simply enjoying the show. By the time she settled on giving up on covering herself they had reached d-cup, Zelda growing acutely aware of the Great Fairy's barely covered and quite well endowed figure, with curvy hips and a chest she now matched. However, her chest kept going, gaining an extra inch and a half before stopping, the Great Fairy giving an appreciative nod.

"What does this have to do with anything!?" Zelda shouted before feeling a creaking in her hips, realising that her hips were widening as well, growing wider than her shoulders as her ass plumped up, Zelda grabbing her new bubble butt with sheer embarrassment and confusion.

"Well, as I said, no non-magical being can live permanently inside a Fairy Fountain." The Great Fairy said breezily. "So..."

Zelda felt her hair brush the arch of her back, it previously reaching only a bit past her shoulders. She couldn't do much but watch it grow downwards in a luxurious golden wave, tickling her ass before going even further down to her knees. Once it stopped growing, Zelda, looking down at her reflection after trying to crane her head to see, watched it be swept up and divided into three areas, tying itself into an immediately distinctive and recognisible trio of ponytails; one on each side, and one in the middle, tied by nothing yet holding their form. Her blonde bangs hanging down in front of her ears were swept back as her hairstyle made her situation unquestionable.

"You're turning me into a Great Fairy? Can that happen?" Zelda asked, dumbfounded at the situation she suddenly found herself as she watched her fingernails grow longer, bright and matching the blonde tone of her hair as trails of leaves wrapped around her body and weaved through her hair.

"It's not very common, in fact, I would say you're lucky enough to be the first in centuries! Don't worry, we'll all give you a warm welcome into our family." The Great Fairy said, sounding very pleased at what she was doing. 

"But I can't be one! I have duties!" Zelda protested as the typical boots the Great Fairies wore materialised on her and her nipples and crotch were covered by leaves. She couldn't be a Great Fairy and a princess at the same time, let alone one actively fighting against Ganondorf! Could she?

"You said you weren't going anywhere until the hero arrives, didn't you?" The Great Fairy smugly said. Zelda felt that there was no point in saying that she didn't mean that she'd be here all of the time.

"But..." Zelda was cut off by the Great Fairy smiling and placing a finger on her lips, silencing her as they began to plump up, growing thick and soft like the Great Fairy's. Finally, thick yellow makeup, or at least what resembled it, appeared over her eyes, her eyelashes growing exaggeratedly long, thick, and dark, a beauty mark appearing above her puffy lips. Nearly naked and indistinguishable from the magical being in front of her besides her face, hair colour, and the fact that she was even more stacked, Zelda felt a vast amount of magical energy running through her, more than she knew what to do with. She realised that the pillar of light around her had vanished, and she was left floating freely, easily able to control herself. She was wide-eyed as she enjoyed the sensation of free flight before regaining her priorities and dropping to the floor, the Great Fairy giggling at Zelda's insistence on tying herself to her former status as a human. In a few weeks she'd never even touch the ground at all except on rare occasions.

Zelda tried to walk out of the fountain, but found herself stopped at the edge of the fountain. There was no magical barrier stopping her, but she simply couldn't move herself beyond the boundaries of the fountain. She couldn't even extend a hand out. She backed up and attempted to sprint out, but found herself sharply stopping herself at the edge. She lifted off the ground and flew at the edge, but made no more progress no matter what angle she took it from.

"I wouldn't spend too much time trying to leave the fountain, we Great Fairies reside in them for a reason. Even if you could figure out how to leave, you wouldn't be in a very good position. I would master my powers before trying that." The Great Fairy advised.

"I can't just sit in this tiny fountain!" Zelda wailed, all dignity lost at this point. "I'll go insane!"

"Oh, there's more to life as a Great Fairy than just this little room, I assure you. Well, I'll leave you to learn more about yourself naturally. Be sure to meet us all once you learn to use your power properly!"

The Great Fairy sunk into the fountain, Zelda diving towards her with a pleading look in her eyes.

"And be sure to treat the little ones kindly!" The Great Fairy called before vanishing entirely, leaving only a few fading sparkles in her wake. Zelda attempted to follow, but only succeeded in colliding with the tiles, luckily an act free of pain in her new body.

After a while of pleading to be changed back at the floor and some sulking, Zelda picked herself up out of the corner, unconsciously floating around rather than walking. Her disguise magic wasn't working, and neither was the rest of the magic she knew. It seemed this form ran on entirely different rules. She wondered if she could learn to apply her old lessons to the ones she would be learning soon. The Great Fairy seemed confident in her ability to figure it out for herself. Maybe she could conjure some more clothes. Or maybe not. Being so uncovered felt strangely relieving. Zelda tried to look on the bright side of her situation. Amazing powers, potential immortality, not that she desired that that much, the ability to grant the hero special powers... the ability to restore the damage done to her kingdom... a very unique position in the history books...

Zelda reclined back in her floating position and relaxed a bit as the pink-tinted waterfalls around her turned gold. Maybe she could make this work...
Zelda: The Greatest disguise
Oh wow I've been gone longer than I thought. That's not good. This was a simple thing I did in one session so if it's not much, it's not much. Nintendo seems to be my go-to for stuff. Maybe I'll try to get out some more little things. Maybe a sequel to the Peach story or something. Of course, original stuff too. But established characters and settings are fun to work with.

Point is, hope this is decent enough. Maybe more stuff soon, maybe disappearing for a few more months.

One thing will remain eternal though, my inability to make good titles.
Geez. I should probably get some more stuff out, maybe complete some half-baked ideas I've had. 

You guys got any particular type of expansion or transformation you'd like a story of dubious quality done in? Maybe a sequel to something? I've been kinda indecisive, been wanting to do a little more weight gain recently. I think anything at this point is better than nothing I guess. Hopefully I can get a few more sparks of inspiration in. I imagine I've been gone too long for people to really care, but if for some reason you do, now's the time to throw it out there.

Don't expect any Hall of Upgrade stuff though. I kinda got tired of that short transformation/expansion format, sorry if you liked it. It ran its course.

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When Peach had started her day, she didn't think it would end like this. It wasn't the being kidnapped by Bowser part, she was used to that. Bowser had decided to capture her castle first again, thanks to her working directly with the Mario Brothers the last few times he had tried to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. The look on his face when she had turned up to fight him directly for the first time had been interesting to say the least. No, it wasn't that or the immediate escape attempt that had been unexpected. She just hadn't expected her escape attempt to involve baking a cake for an enormous Shy Guy called Gourmet Guy to gain his trust and stop him from calling the guards. That in itself had been an interesting series of events, but that was over with, and he had even provided her with the key to the storeroom in lower castle he had been entrusted with, conveniently where she needed to go.

"You're going?" He asked, as Peach headed for the door.

"Yes, I'm afraid I can't stay right now. I hope you don't have a problem with that." Peach said.

"You escaping? No, I'm fine with that. But that's, uh, not it." The Gourmet Guy said, and he suddenly seemed nervous. "You see, uh, well, uh..."

"Yes?" Peach said, wondering what he could be trying to say. Hang on, was he blushing? The Shy Guy masks were awfully expressive, and it certainly seemed like he was blushing, but about what?

"I, um, oh, that's it, Princess, will you go on a date with me?" He forced out, anxiously awaiting an answer. Peach had to double take for a moment. As a princess it was natural to hear this sort of thing every now and then from the brave or overly optimistic, but a Shy Guy? This Shy Guy, in particular?

"Oh, well, that's awfully sudden." She said carefully as the Shy Guy mumbled something about his roommate telling him that he had to have confidence and go for it, and she couldn't make out the rest. "After all, we've just met, and it's hardly the right situation to be thinking about something like that."

"Come on, think about it, it could work!" He said desperately. Peach had to give him a sorry expression and shake her head.

"Look, I'm sure we could be good friends, but I'm just not looking for this right now, and-"

"I get it, it's because I'm a big guy, isn't it? I bet you'd have already said yes if it were some Fly Guy in my situation, thinking they're so great just because they have wings!" the Gourmet Guy angrily said. Peach was just confused at this point. It looked like the Gourmet Guy had confidence issues.

"If you can't see it from my point of view, I know what'll do it!" he said, reaching into his robe and pulling out a Magikoopa's wand, brandishing it at Peach, who began to carefully edge away.

"Where did you get that?" She asked, hoping to distract him from her movements. Her dress was paying off, hiding her tiny steps, but it wasn't nearly fast enough to get her to the door in time if he decided to use it.

"There was a mix-up on laundry day, I've been meaning to return it, but I can't find Kamek anywhere, and... hey, don't you go anywhere!" He said, noticing her heading for the door. He shook the wand threateningly at her at, and nearly dropped it when it suddenly went off, firing a mas of shifting and brightly flashing geometric shapes at Peach. Unable to dodge in time, having frozen up when he saw her moving, she was struck by it and... felt nothing. Peach looked down at herself and couldn't see any immediate effect. Maybe it was a dud? He certainly didn't look like he knew what he was doing. His immediate panic aided in this diagnosis.

"I didn't mean to do that! Well, not yet at least! I mean, uh, hey, where are you going? Wait a se-"

Peach slammed the door behind her, and immediately regretted it. She was supposed to be stealthy! The fact that the lights had been cut off when Bowser had seized the castle might have compensated for her bright pink dress and blatant sneaking around right next to the guards, but no amount of darkness could conceal the noise. Sure enough, the Dry Bones guard who had been guarding the door to her room heard the noise and came to investigate, giving a sigh when he saw Peach.

"Princess, you know you're not supposed to try to escape. I mean, Mario and that guy in the green will get here in a couple of weeks at the most and probably beat up Lord Bowser again, would it kill you to hang on until then?" The Dry Bones guard asked her as he escorted her back to her room. "Think of it from my perspective, if you insist on trying to escape first we'll need the guards to make more rounds, or we'll need more guards in general, and if it keeps up you'll either lose your privacy and have me be forced to babysit you, or Bowser will find out and stick you in a cage again. It'll be a hassle for everybody, so just stay put, okay?"

"I'll certainly keep that in mind. You won't find me out of my room again." Peach promised, the guard not particularly convinced.

"I'm sure you will." He said, closing and locking the door behind Peach as she entered her room. Not that it'd keep her out for long, she thought, as she headed for the secret tunnel to the study she had installed in her room. She waited a minute to let the guard think she had settled in quietly as she wondered what the guard thought about her getting out of her room without alerting him, there being only one obvious exit. He didn't seem to care much at the very least, judging by his attitude. As she idly looked around the room, she caught a look at herself in the mirror and frowned. Her hips seemed a little wider than usual, and upon closer inspection her normally trim waist seemed a lot thicker than usual. Usually skinny and with a smooth curve inwards, it was wider and had very little curve to it, losing a lot of her natural petite hourglass. She could have sworn she hadn't gained a pound when she was getting dressed this morning, but maybe she had more to eat than she thought. She made a note to cut down on any cake in the immediate future. Whatever it was, a good adventure once she got out of here should burn it off.

She opened up the passageway and wandered down it, feeling like something was off. Something seemed a little heavier than usual, her hips swaying a bit more. She looked down when she reemerged at the other end in her study, and she swore her chest was at least a cup size larger. She grabbed her abdomen and felt her hands sink into what was an obvious layer of chub, moving her hands around to her behind. Even her butt was bigger! That was it, she needed a good look at herself. She hurried back down the passageway to her room, hiding it again as she approached her mirror. There was no mistaking it, she had gained a considerable amount of weight since she had last seen herself in the mirror, and that was less than two minutes ago? She cupped her now well-endowed chest, the extra inches letting her cup it while being barely able to wrap her fingers around the whole way. Her hips had widened past her shoulders, and her ass stuck out a little further than just her dress's skirt. Most distressingly was how her belly seemed to be growing the fastest, bulging out into a flabby gut that was starting to peek out past her breasts. She watched herself in the mirror, fascinated by how her belly swelled out millimetre by millimetre, before coming to her senses.

This was the Gourmet Guy's fault, that much was obvious. It was also an obvious conclusion that he had cast a spell on her that had made itself quickly apparent. It was also apparent that she was going to keep getting fatter until an unknown point. Exactly how large that would be was yet to be seen. Worst case scenario, she never stopped. The thought of being indoors if that happened was not a pleasant one. Peach lamented her pudgy figure, her face even seeming a smidge rounder by now for a second, before getting herself together. She now had an unexpected hitch in her plan, but she couldn't let it get the better of her. She just had to escape the castle before her weight started becoming a serious problem. But couldn't it have been anything else? At least if she had been turned into a Koopa or something she'd blend it and she didn't have to watch her figure bloat away. She noticed that her dress, while tight, seemed to be growing to fit her. She wondered why for a moment, then put it down to the same reason why one's clothes grew or shrank when ingesting regular mushrooms.

With heavier steps she ran back down the secret passageway, having lost enough time already. She noticed her chubby arms as she held her skirt, even her white gloves growing with her. She crept out into the hallway, her next objective planned out. Her first stop: the library. She had scattered spare keys to the various doors of the castle in various rooms, and the one she needed right now to access the lower castle was hidden in a book in the library. Fortunately she only needed to keep close to the walls and wait for the torch-wielding guard of the main hallway to turn his back for her to slip into the library. She was surprised to find that the library was empty, and didn't have to bother being stealthy. The key she was looking for was in a blue book at the end of the room, and she stopped for a moment to catch her reflection in the window of the library staring out over the castle grounds. Hopefully none of Bowser's patrolling soldiers were looking for that brief moment as the night outside allowed a clear reflection. Her chest had gained an extra inch and a half and had outgrown her spread hands, her blue broach starting to seem increasingly small between her breasts while her gut was like a pregnancy in size, easily somewhere around eight months of bulging fat, the indent where her folds of fat met showing slightly through the fabric of her dress. She wasn't pleased to see how completely round her face had become, the beginnings of a second chin creeping up on her. But she didn't have time to waste, she had a key to find.

She reached a group of blue books, right where she remembered. Which mean the key was in... that book, in the middle. She pulled it out and fanned through the pages. Nothing. Well, it had been quite a while since she put it there, her memory was probably off by one or two spaces. She put it back in and took out the book adjacent to the right of it. Nothing in that one either. Nothing in the one to the left. There were a lot of blue books, now that she thought about it. 

"Oh, I don't have time for this!" She said to herself as she decided to take the brute force method of pulling all of the books out as quickly and quietly as she could, sitting down onto her plush ass. Good heavens, she thought to herself, she was almost twice as wide, her muffin top bulging over the sides of her dress. She put all of the books on one side and dumped the useless ones on the other once she was spent using up precious seconds to go through them. Luckily it was only her sixth try that got her the key, hastily shoving the books back onto the shelf and hurrying out of the library. She didn't catch most of her reflection when she remembered to look, but she definitely caught how her ass stuck out nearly a foot behind her, her cantaloupe-sized breasts, and how she had a obvious second chin bloating her face. There was just one more stop before she could head for her escape route, and that was the guest bedroom. 

Another bit of sneaking later and she was in the guest bedroom, a small room considering it was a castle. Merely a bed, some bookshelves, a desk, a chest of drawers, and a rather large closet. There was also a mirror, but Peach didn't care to gaze into it at the moment. She went straight for the chest of drawers, which had a round opaque pot with a few flowers to spice up the room in it. Some quick digging around and a wet hand later and she had the key, and was about to make her escape when she heard the footsteps of a guard and the light he held creeping ever brighter as he approached the door. Peach looked around for a hiding place. Even a small place like this surely had good hiding places. Like under the bed! Peach was quickly foiled by the fact that the bed was built with convenience for Toads in mind. Namely that it was close to the ground and didn't have enough space for her even if she was her normal size. That left just one option. It was so cliched that she doubted that it'd work: the closet. The first place you'd look if you suspected somebody of hiding in a room. But she didn't have any other options and a small chance was better than no chance at all.

Peach hurried into the closet, glad that it was so spacious and mostly empty other than a couple of forgotten coats. She wondered who the large fluffy one belonged to. Couldn't be Daisy, Sarasaland was hot all year round. It was enormous too, enough to cover her from head to toe. Maybe it was... Peach stopped her off-topic thoughts as she heard a guard enter the room, his footsteps starting and stopping. It was a tense minute, Peach's enlarged chest heaving slowly as she tried to breathe quietly. Eventually she heard the footsteps start to head slowly towards the door, and she carefully exhaled in relief, feeling her belly press against the closet door, letting a crack of light in. Peach froze, realising her potentially fatal overlooked fact. SHe was still gaining weight! As a few more pounds slowly crept into her, she was unable to stop her rolls of fat from slowly pushing the door open. Peach began to panic as she became able to see just slightly out of the door, seeing the Koopa with his back turned heading for the door, Peach convinced that he'd take one last look over the room and see a suspiciously pink dress sticking out of the closet.

She could hear the closet door agonisingly creaking, and in her moment of panic Peach took a do-or-die attempt at fixing the problem, grabbing the large fur coat and throwing it over her head. It rustled conspicuously and was now sticking out of the closet, but at the very least her distinctive pink was concealed. Unfortunately, whether it had been the sound that attracted him or if he was going to do it anyway, the Koopa turned around and spotted the coat sticking out of the closet, Peach hearing muffled footsteps heading towards her. They stopped just in front of her, and Peach was holding her breath when, instead of opening the door to discover her, the Koopa tried to fit the part of the coat sticking out back into the closet. Disorganised things like this bothered him and he couldn't resist trying to correct it. He closed the door, only for it to swing slightly open again. Peach suppressed an "oof" as he shoved what he believed to be a particularly bulky coat inwards, Peach's belly being pushed inwards behind the coat. A few unsuccessful shoves later and he gave up on trying to close it.

"Just how much are they trying to stuff into there? Geez, remind me to leave a note to tell the princess to get bigger closets." The Koopa guard said to himself, leaving Peach confused but relieved that she hadn't been discovered. She waited a minute after she heard the Koopa leave the room before climbing out of the closet, shoving the coat in as she heaved a deep breath of relief. She also got a good look at herself in the mirror and got to see just how much she had grown in only a few minutes. She started from the top and worked her way down. Most of her neck had been consumed by her second chin, to the point where her chin had almost vanished to begin with. There was a smoothness to her wide face that had left her beauty surprisingly intact. It was all there, just... larger. In her smile of relief at not being discovered not yet quashed by her appraisal of herself, some might have said that it even made her look jollier than usual.

Next were her thick, fatty biceps, which had any spotlight they had stolen by her now enormous chest. Each breast was the size of her head, and her blue broach was swallowed by the valley of what would have been cleavage, moving slightly as her her chest heaved in and out. Her enormous gut was pushed out even further, Peach being barely able to reach her navel with how enormous it was. Coupled with her gigantic hips, Peach realised she could have stood three of herself at her normal size side-by-side and equaled one of herself at this weight, Her arms were pushed out diagonally when she rested them at her sides, pushing her muffin top in slightly. Underneath her dress, her slender legs had become chunky tree-trunk thighs, the foot and a half of her ass pushing at the back of her dress completing the package of her lower half. When Peach began to head for the door, her body was a spectable of motion. Her belly jostled, her chest bounced back and forth, and her behind bustled as she ponderously strove forward.

She reached the door, and was reaching for the doorknob when the door swung open, revealing one of Bowser's right-hand women and eldest of the Magikoopas, Kammy Koopa, currently absolutely surprised at what she had discovered.

"Just what in the name of Lord Bowser is going on here? Is that one of you Goombas playing around with the disguise magic again?" Kammy asked, befuddled by the obese Peach in front of her. Peach's mind raced as she silently thanked Kammy for a convenient excuse. Mario had complained about Goombas disguising themselves as her to try to get the jump on him at the end of a castle. Now she just had to put on a convincing act.

Peach put on a slightly nasally tone to her voice as she removed all of her usual refinement, slouching over a bit. "I thought I'd pretend to be the princess, then spring the alarm on Mario! I messed up my disguise though, I'm not good with this magic stuff like  Do ya think it'll still fool him for a bit?"

"If you turn the lights off and only let him see you from the forehead down, maybe! Your voice is all wrong, too. We never should have let you Goombas try out magic, let me show you how a real Magikoopa does it!" Kammy said, Peach backing off as Kammy waved her wand, a bright flash of light blinding her before she found a perfect replica of herself standing before her. The copy put on a vapid expression, causing Peach's expression to twitch slightly.

"Mario, oh Mario, help me! I'm ever so helpless and in need of rescuing, as usual! I could never help myself, so help me!" Kammy in the guise of Peach said, Peach being sure her voice wasn't quite that high pitched, and certainly not in the tone Kammy was putting on. Anybody who heard her would think she was some vapid bimbo.

"Wow, ya really showed me! I'll try to get it right before Mario arrives!" Peach said, masking her unamused expression. There was another flash as Kammy returned to normal.

"You had better, I think I can see you getting fatter by the second! Do it again, and don't go too far in the other direction! She's skinny, not anorexic! Now get out of here, I'm using this as my bedroom for the duration of our stay in the generous princess's castle!" Kammy said, hopping onto the bed as Peach excused herself.

"Good grief, I think I'll have a heart attack before I get out of here." She said to herself. Fortunately she was almost out, and while Kammy's statement had alarmed her, she didn't seem to have actually gotten any fatter in the last couple of minutes, apparently having reached her upper limit. Fortunately, even with her tremendously overweight body, the guards proved easy to avoid. She quickly made it to the storeroom, her chest bouncing as she made her way downstairs. It was locked with the key the Gourmet Guy had given her, meaning she didn't have to worry about any unexpected guests. She made her way past various crates before she found the one she was looking for, giving a decidedly feminine attempt at a grunt as she pushed it out of the way. She trapped a point on the wall a slightly darker shade than the rest of the colour it had been painted, causing a large panel to slide out and reveal her trump card: a traditional green warp pipe! It was a little smaller than the average one at the top in order to keep it as hidden as possible, but once she got down she'd have all the room in the world as she was sent far away from the castle and able to regroup with the Mario Bros. She could figure out this fat body of hers when she got there. She stood over the pipe, and jumped to go on her merry way.

And got stuck.

What she hadn't realised when she stood over it was that if she tried to enter the normal way, she'd get stuck. Completely and utterly wedged in, her waist spilling out over the sides as she tried to force herself down and only succeeding in getting herself stuck even more firmly. She lacked the upper body strength to pull herself out as well, and after a few minutes of struggling she gave in to the fact that she was embarassingly stuck sticking half out of a warp pipe, her legs stuck flailing around with what little room her chunky thighs would allow.

The time seemed to drag by as her only option was to wait for somebody to find her, and eventually she heard the door open. She was too embarrassed to call for them, and her face burned as they made their way towards her. At least she wasn't getting any bigger. Not that it was much of an upside at this point. A shadow loomed over her, and she twisted her head to explain her situation to the one who had found her, and was surprised to find the Gourmet Guy standing sheepishly over her. She wasn't sure whether to breathe s sigh of relief or not.

"How did you find me?" She settled on asking.

"I figured you'd head for the place my key opened when I didn't find you in your room. Don't worry, the guards still don't know you're gone." He said. There was an awkward silence.

"So, you're responsible for all this then?" She said, pointing towards her corpulent frame.

"Uh, yeah. I didn't mean to though!"

"Then what were you going to do with that wand?"

"Well, I hadn't really planned that far ahead. I was just thinking about how you'd see that we could be a perfect match if you could see it from my perspective when it went off."

Peach decided that she was just lucky she hadn't been turned into a Shy Girl or something.

"Well, you still have the wand, you can turn me back now." She said. The Gourmet Guy shifted his feet awkwardly.

"Yeah, I, uh, don't really know how to use that thing. I'd probably just make it worse." He said. Peach suppressed a groan. "Do you want me to help you out of there?"

"Actually, you can push me down instead. The top of the pipe is smaller than the rest of it, once I get moving it'll be a smooth trip." She said. It'd be an uncomfortable squeeze for the first few seconds, but better than being jammed in it.

"So I'd say that would put you in my debt, wouldn't it?" The Gourmet Guy said confidently. "If you want me to help you, you have to agree to go on a date with me!"

At that point, Peach snapped. "It's your fault I'm even in this situation in the first place! The least you can do to make up for it is helping me without whining about romance!"

Peach caught herself from going any further. She took a deep breath as the Gourmet Guy was surprised at her uncharacteristic outburst.

"I'm sure you're a perfectly good guy, but I'm just not looking for that sort of thing right now, and I've got more important things to worry about anyway. If you can't handle rejection from somebody that you surely know probably isn't going to say yes, then how are you going to handle it from anybody else? What you need is to try to find the right girl for you without forcing them to spend time with you. You can't just tell them that they'll like you later!" Peach advised. The Gourmet Guy seemed deflated, but lifted himself back up after a minute of thinking.

"Well, alright. I figured I had to try at least one more time though, you know? But you still have to do one thing for me if I'm going to help you!" He declared. "You have to make me another cake the next time we meet!"

"That's it?" Peach asked. The Gourmet Guy deflated again slightly.

"It was a really good cake, alright? We'll share it. No dates or anything."

"Alright, it's a promise. Now help me get through this pipe."

There was a few minutes of grunting and gasping as Peach's bulk was forced down the pipe little by little, until finally Peach only needed one good push to drop properly down the pipe.

"By the way," Peach said, panting slightly from exertion. "Even if you don't know how to reverse it, I can just find somebody who does, right?"

"I don't think so. I don't know if he was talking literally or just didn't want to help me, but Kamek said that his magic couldn't be used for dieting. I think that means you'll have to lose it on your own."

"What? That's-"

Peach was shoved down the pipe before she could protest, the sensation of swiftly travelling through the pipes a relief after being stuck for so long. She zoomed far away from the castle, hoping she wasn't going to be much slower than usual. Another sigh rocked her chubby face as her chest jiggled around from all the motion. This was going to take a lot of explaining.
Super Princess Plump
Boy, it's been a lot longer than I thought since I've put something out. Sure has been a slow year. I've just had little to no inspiration beyond some small stuff here and there. Hopefully I'll be a bit more productive in 2015. I still can't title things, as you can see.

This is one of two weight gain stories I'm trying out, and this one changed a lot from the initial spark. Originally I was going to do a story based on :iconunknownrez:'s Queen Peach drawings, but despite a bit of planning I kind of lost momentum when it came to actually writing it. Then it turned out that somebody had written a (considerably shorter than what i had planned) version of it that was 90% the same. That was after I had decided to abandon it for now anyway. Then this was going to be a gradual weight gain sequence taking place over a long period of time based on :iconkawaiidebu:'s Preliminary Progressive Peach sequence that I can't seem to get to link properly.
, a fantastic weight gain sequence even if it was never completely finished. Kawaiidebu really needs to do more gradual sequences, he's great at them. But then I decided that since I already had a gradual weight gain story in the works, I should make a more traditional growth story. Funnily enough, the beginning and ending of this initial over-time story is nearly the same. The various stages of Peach's growth are mostly based on that sequence anyway, although her growth ends in the third-to-last panel.

As might be obvious to some, this whole sneaking around the castle thing is based upon the sneaking segments from Paper Mario on the N64, and the first version of the first scene had Twink and the castle floating as in that version, the idea being that it started during Paper Mario. That got cut fairly quickly when the over-time part was removed.  The part where she bakes the cake and then the Gourmet Guy's reaction cut out since it doesn't really add anything to the story. Obviously there's room for a lot of improvement in the expansion here, but I hope for something I've only written a little of it's fairly good for what it is.

I'd like to make some sort of sequel starring Daisy or something in the future, although I'm not sure how it'd go as of writing this. Maybe a gradual expansion as originally planned? Maybe something different from weight gain? Who knows. The other story I had planned could be out shortly or not for a while still, since I'm not quite happy with where it is at the moment. I hope you enjoy this, anyway. If I've missed anything in my proofreading, feel free to point it out, and criticism is welcome.
Geez. I should probably get some more stuff out, maybe complete some half-baked ideas I've had. 

You guys got any particular type of expansion or transformation you'd like a story of dubious quality done in? Maybe a sequel to something? I've been kinda indecisive, been wanting to do a little more weight gain recently. I think anything at this point is better than nothing I guess. Hopefully I can get a few more sparks of inspiration in. I imagine I've been gone too long for people to really care, but if for some reason you do, now's the time to throw it out there.

Don't expect any Hall of Upgrade stuff though. I kinda got tired of that short transformation/expansion format, sorry if you liked it. It ran its course.


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